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The Importance of Annual Physical Examination

Everyone consults a doctor when they feel unwell. You should keep in touch with your healthcare provider even if you are healthy. Whether you are experiencing any symptoms and health complaints, you can go for an annual examination to know about your health condition.

Maintaining the physical health condition can open up new ways to live a healthier life. A healthy person can complete all his responsibilities efficiently. If you don’t go for regular checkups or fail to identify the symptoms, you may anytime fall prey to any serious health condition.

In this post, we will tell you the reasons why an annual physical exam is essential to maintain good health. 

What is an Annual Physical Exam?

An annual physical exam is an appointment that you make with your primary care physician. You get a comprehensive report about your health concerns and can ask many questions. 

You can let know your medical practitioner about your lifestyle, like whatever changes occurred to your health in the last few days. You can also take a thorough guideline about your medical history, including stress level, family trouble, addiction, sleep issues, and others. 

Benefits of an Annual Checkup


1. Assess risk for future health issues

When you get an annual exam, you can identify slight signs of any disease, which is likely to develop in the future or even get severe. So the screening test helps to prevent health conditions and suggests the right treatment. The test will allow you to detect a problem in advance and take preventive measures.

2. Develop Baseline for Health Condition

An annual physical exam can develop a baseline for chronic disease onset. The diseases may include blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. The baseline may help you monitor any improvements in your health condition and propose changes in the treatment plan.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Health care providers use different techniques so they can help you live a healthy life. Doctors can assist you by providing resources that can bring enhanced health and noticeable changes. Annual physical checkups can reduce chances for chronic diseases occurrence.

4. A Professional Guide 

Most of us are not aware of what is going inside our bodies. It is advisable to consult a professional rather than relying on self-diagnosis or taking help from resources around you. A medical practitioner can give you the best piece of advice. So, get a diagnosis and treatment plan for your disease from an experienced practitioner like Dr. Mingliarti Tjahjana, MD. 

5. Get Vaccinated

Vaccinations are important to prevent certain diseases. It would help if you got shots for different diseases time by time. You can consult your doctor for excellent advice related to your illness and vaccination.

6. Get Better treatment Option

You have a solid relationship with the doctor and develop a good baseline to get a perfect diagnosis for your illness. If you remain in touch with your health practitioner, there are more chances to get faster treatment along the way. They will help you with lifestyle changes and propose the best treatment options.

7. Get a Review for Medications

Reviewing medication is essential to get ensured that your treatment plan is going right. You can get a review for over-the-counter medicines too. It is the most effective way to be aware of possible side effects of medications. Your doctor may also suggest further medications that would be helpful for you. 

Final Thoughts

Medical costs may be less expensive than the cost of undergoing treatment of diseases. So, don't let your health condition get more severe and painful. Go for regular checkups and also get a detailed annual physical examination done. This way, you can get the best medical advice.

At One Health Medical, we know the best way to help you manage your health and conduct regular checkups. You can book your annual physical checkup or contact us here.

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