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Weight Loss Specialist

One Health Medical Care

Internists & Primary Care Practice located in Reston, VA

Weight loss can be hard to accomplish, especially if you don't really know where to start. Dr. Mingliarti Tjahjana at One Health Medical Care in Reston, Virginia, is experienced in weight loss medicine and is board certified in the field of obesity medicine. She's here to help you lose weight and get healthy through a carefully monitored medical weight loss program that really works. Start your weight loss program by calling One Health Medical Care, or schedule an appointment online.

Weight Loss Q & A

How can you lose weight and keep it off?

Losing weight and keeping it off is a problem for millions of Americans today, but it doesn't have to be. The best way to lose extra weight and stay healthy for the long term is to work with an experienced physician like Dr. Tjahjana at One Health Medical Care. Dr. Tjahjana is board certified in obesity medicine, which gives her an extensive body of knowledge and skill in this area.

If you've always struggled with losing weight, or if you've lost weight but always gained it right back, a medical weight loss program through One Health Medical Care may be the ideal solution for you.

How does the medical weight loss program work?

Dr. Tjahjana firmly believes in treating every patient as a completely unique individual. This means that she will discuss not just your eating habits with you, but also your whole lifestyle.

Dr. Tjahjana will help you get to the bottom of past weight loss failures so that you can set yourself up for future weight loss success. The program is customized for the individual. You'll typically begin with a complete medical evaluation to make sure that a medical weight loss program is safe for you.

Dr. Tjahjana will create a low-calorie diet that's still satisfying enough to allow you to feel satiated. This helps you prevent binges.

In some cases, patients may qualify for weight loss prescriptions or supplements to help accelerate their weight loss as well.

What about maintaining the weight loss long term?

Dr. Tjahjana and the One Health Medical Care are here for you, even after you've reached your goal weight. You can come in for weigh ins, weight loss counseling, and support anytime.

A large part of long term success for many patients is knowing how to make a permanent lifestyle change. This means shopping smarter at the grocery store, making better choices when eating out, avoiding binge eating, and supplementing the smart eating with regular exercise.

When you make a long term lifestyle change, you can keep the extra weight off, feel great, and maintain the appearance that you want.

*Individual results may vary.